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What is the Houghton Clinic?

The Houghton Clinic is co-located at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre and is a  best-practice assessment and diagnostic service.

Our clients can have confidence that through our Clinic they will be able to access the latest information and the most up to date evidence-based research that can help inform referrals and decisions about their future support needs.

The Houghton Clinic offers a variety of assessments and reviews for children, including autism, ADHD and cognitive assessments. The clinic also provides opportunities for clients to participate in cutting-edge research projects at the University.

The Houghton Clinic has Adult ASD assessment appointments available. Click here if you would like to register for an appointment.

Services + diagnostic tools

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Child assessments

Our clinical team, including clinical psychologists and paediatricians, use a variety of tools and techniques to accurately diagnose and assess autism and ADHD in children.
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Adult assessments

Appointments are available for adult autism
assessments led by an experienced Senior
Clinical Psychologist. ADHD assessments are
waitlist only.